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Christmas Sweater

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Unwrap the joy of the season with our Christmas Sweater candle, a festive symphony that encapsulates the essence of holiday warmth and merriment. Infused with the aromatic notes of red currant and cranberry, it's an immediate burst of fruity cheer. Cinnamon and vanilla dance in harmony, creating a spicy-sweet medley that evokes the comforting aroma of freshly baked holiday treats. As you cozy up, the earthy embrace of pine and cypress transports you to a winter wonderland, while hints of lemon peel add a touch of citrusy brightness. The base notes of evergreen, amber, and moss weave a tapestry of nostalgia, completing the festive ambiance.

Festive Fragrance Ensemble:

  • Fruity Jubilee: Red currant, cranberry - a fruity celebration.
  • Spiced Symphony: Cinnamon, vanilla - a warm, comforting melody.
  • Winter Woodlands: Pine, cypress, evergreen - a stroll through snowy landscapes.
  • Citrus Spark: Lemon peel - a zesty addition.
  • Subtle Elegance: Amber, moss - a sophisticated base note.

Perfect For: Creating a holiday haven, gift-giving, or anyone eager to infuse their space with Christmas magic.

Light Up When: Decorating the tree, hosting festive gatherings, or simply relishing a quiet night in during the holiday season.