About Us

Welcome to Matte Black Candle Co!


We are a small family-owned candle brand based in Oxnard, California. Our products launched in January 2021, and we have been serving new and current customers successfully ever since. Our brand was developed to showcase our love for culture, heritage, music and art. Not only do our products have amazing scents, but they also help create an atmosphere and a vibe.


Lids and Labels – a modern alternative

One of our goals for Matte Black Candle Co is to meet the interests and styles of the customers that have never purchased these products before, by giving them a new and refreshing experience that will leave them wanting more. Our candles have unique and strong scents, with eye catching artwork on the labeling that will ignite anyone’s interest. The products we provide are edgy, modern, and present an alternative style to the traditional products on the market. Our unique vessel and lid combination, give our candles an all matte black look and texture.


What will you gain from purchasing one of our products?

By purchasing one of our hand-crafted products, you will experience the refreshing scents that are nostalgic such as Love Spell, Cereal Milk or Arroz Con Leche (rice pudding). Whether it’s at home or in the office, our candles will create an environment that everyone will enjoy.


Grow with Us 

We are a small business which gives us the ability to have a personal touch with our products. Our brand is defined by its perseverance, friendly demeanor, creativity and unique perspective. At Matte Black Candle Co, we work hard to continue to grow and create products that are niche, different and exciting. By purchasing our products, you can be a part of this journey with us and experience the current and new candles as well as wax melts that have been hand crafted to make that personal connection with our customers when they light it up!