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Vinyl Collection

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Get ready to spin a sensory record with our Vinyl Collection candle. Reminiscent of vintage record shops and classic album covers, this scent hits the right notes from the start. Dive into the crisp opening act of bergamot, transitioning smoothly into the heart of teakwood and earthy hemp. Cedar adds a touch of old-world charm, harmonizing with the deep richness of leather. Amber and dark musk set the mood, reminiscent of late-night jam sessions, while the grounding duet of vetiver and sandalwood plays the encore. Perfect for setting the scene of nostalgia and timeless moments.

Retro Rhythms Breakdown:

  • Fresh Intro: Bergamot's lively riff.
  • Wooden Bridge: Teakwood and cedar's timeless duet.
  • Deep Grooves: Leather's vintage vibe, accented by amber, dark musk, vetiver, and sandalwood.

Perfect For: Music enthusiasts, nostalgic souls, or those looking to recreate the ambiance of classic vinyl rooms.

Light Up When: Curating a playlist, reminiscing over old records, or setting a chill, retro vibe.