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Matte Black Candle Co

Stirring Seas Wax Melt

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Dive into the deep embrace of our Stirring Seas wax melt, a sensory voyage that mirrors the mysterious allure of the ocean's expanse. The initial spark greets you with fresh sea salt intertwined with the airy lightness of ozone, capturing the essence of a breezy coastal morning. A surprising hint of plum deepens the journey, blending seamlessly with the invigorating touch of eucalyptus. As the waves of scent ebb and flow, the earthy notes of sandalwood rise, anchored by the velvety depth of dark musk and a soft powder finish. It’s like holding the ocean's serenade in a jar.

Marine Melody Breakdown:

  • Crisp Beginnings: Sea salt’s kiss and the purity of ozone.
  • Mystical Middle: The unexpected charm of plum and refreshing eucalyptus.
  • Deep Dive: Sandalwood's embrace, dark musk's allure, and a powdery whisper.

Perfect For: Seaside dreamers, wanderlust souls, or those seeking the tranquility of the tides from their room.

Light Up When: Unwinding with a book, setting a meditative space, or drifting into daydreams of distant shores.