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Matte Black Candle Co

Oakmoss & Amber Wax Melt

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Delve into the heart of nature with our Oakmoss & Amber wax melt – it's like capturing a forest's soul in a jar. Begin your aromatic journey with the herbal freshness of sage, complemented by the lively zest of orange and grapefruit. As the flame flickers, the calming touch of lavender weaves through, leading you to the deep, grounding embrace of oakmoss. The warm, resinous glow of amber combined with the creamy allure of tonka bean rounds out this scent, offering both comfort and mystery. Perfect for those moments when you need a hint of wilderness in the comfort of your space.

Nature's Notes Breakdown:

  • Refreshing Start: Sage’s green touch with citrus sparkles.
  • Floral Pause: Lavender’s tranquil presence.
  • Woodland Finish: Oakmoss depth, amber warmth, and a tonka bean embrace.

Perfect For: Nature lovers, reflective souls, or whenever you're craving an earthy escape without stepping out.

Light Up When: You're unwinding after a long day, setting a tranquil mood, or simply reminiscing woodland walks.