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Matte Black Candle Co

Killa Bee Wax Melt

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Turn up the volume on relaxation with our Killa Bee wax melt – where boldness meets the unexpected, just like the classic beats of hip-hop. Kick things off with the sharp and invigorating notes of bergamot, leading you into the sweet, golden embrace of honey. As the vibe deepens, warm amber and spicy coriander hit the senses, evoking memories of old-school vinyl records and dimly lit lounges. The lingering hints of tobacco leaves and tonka bean wrap things up, giving you a scent that's both familiar and enigmatic. Light it up and let the rhythm of Killa Bee set the mood.

Beats & Notes Breakdown:

  • Fresh Intro: Bergamot's zesty groove.
  • Honeyed Hook: Sweet nectar for the soulful moments.
  • Deep Base: Amber, coriander, tobacco leaves, and tonka bean – the final mix.

Perfect For: Music lovers, nostalgia seekers, or when you want some atmospheric swagger at home.

Burn When: You're spinning tracks, chilling with old albums, or setting a chill, introspective mood.