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Matte Black Candle Co

Juicy Fruit Wax Melt

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Get ready to transport your senses to a sun-kissed beach with our Juicy Fruit wax melt. This isn’t just any scent; it’s a tropical cocktail of fruity favorites! Dive into the zesty splash of pineapple and orange, while sweet mango and lush peach play a tantalizing tango. And just when you think this fruity fest couldn’t get any juicier, a silky wave of coconut milk sweetened with a dash of sugar washes over, making every moment feel like an endless summer. Pop it open, light it up, and let the vacation vibes roll!

Fruity Fiesta Highlights:

  • Tropical Start: Zingy pineapple meets sunny orange.
  • Sweet Heart: Mango & peach – the dynamic duo of juiciness.
  • Creamy Finish: Coconut milk with a sugary smile.

Perfect For: Beach dreamers, fruit lovers, or whenever you need a mini vacay at home.

Light When: You're daydreaming of getaways, hosting a fun hangout, or just vibing with summer tunes.