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Matte Black Candle Co

Gloss - Paint Collection

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Dip your senses into the Gloss Candle, a standout from our unique Paint Can Collection. Much like a fresh coat of paint that breathes life into a space, this scent begins with a vibrant splash of lemon and apple, immediately awakening your surroundings. Floral brushstrokes of jasmine and lily evoke images of blossoming gardens, while the gentle scent of rainwater brings a refreshing touch. As the scent dries down, warm notes of amber, sandalwood, and musk meld together, reminiscent of an avocado and olive oil blend – smooth, rich, and undeniably inviting.

Sensory Palette Breakdown:

  • Zesty Primer: Fresh lemon and crisp apple.
  • Floral Layers: Jasmine and lily, blooming brilliantly.
  • Sealed Finish: Amber's warmth, sandalwood's depth, with a musky signature.

Perfect For: DIY lovers, home enthusiasts, or those craving a whiff of renovation and renewal.

Light Up When: Embarking on a home project, enjoying a relaxed weekend, or setting an ambiance of creative inspiration.