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Matte Black Candle Co

Flor De Nopal

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Unveil the spirited essence of the desert with our Flor De Nopal candle. Dive into a refreshing burst of citrus, blending seamlessly with the sweet notes of juicy fruits. As you get deeper into this aromatic journey, the romantic heart of jasmine and soothing lavender emerge, reminiscent of moonlit desert nights. And just when you think the adventure's over, the comforting embrace of sweet vanilla harmonizes with musk, while a subtle touch of aloe kisses the air. It's like holding a desert bloom in the palm of your hand, only this one lights up!

Desert Notes Decoded:

  • Bright Beginning: Citrus meets fruity zest.
  • Floral Oasis: Where jasmine and lavender bloom.
  • Warm Horizon: Vanilla, musk, and a hint of aloe to round it all out.

Perfect For: Daydreamers, desert lovers, and anyone keen on a scent-sational escape.

Light When: You're craving an aromatic adventure, taking a moment to chill, or crafting your own oasis.