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Matte Black Candle Co

Cereal Milk Wax Melt

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Ever wished you could bottle up that leftover milk from your cereal and turn it into a scent? We got you! Introducing our Cereal Milk wax melt, where childhood breakfasts meet grown-up chill vibes. Kick back and let the playful notes of lemon and orange remind you of zest-topped cereals, while calming lavender blends smoothly with homey vanilla. And that hint of sandalwood? It’s like the cozy, old wooden table where you slurped up your morning routine. Light it up, and let’s get cereal-sly relaxed!

Features You'll Love:

  1. Morning Memories in a Jar: The true essence of cereal milk fun with a sophisticated twist.
  2. Bright & Zesty: Lemon and orange notes to give you that citrusy pop.
  3. Chill & Cozy: Lavender's calm meets vanilla’s sweet hug.
  4. Wooden Undertones: Sandalwood adds that familiar grounding touch.
  5. All About Quality: Crafted for those who appreciate the finer (and fun) things in life.

Perfect For: Lazy mornings, nostalgic vibes, and basically any time you need a bit of breakfasty bliss.

Use It When: You’re chilling in your fave spot, looking for a comforting aroma, or just wanna reminisce about those cereal days.