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Matte Black Candle Co

Black Magic Wax Melt

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Step into the mystical realm with our Black Magic scented wax melt! Starting with a captivating pull of saffron and the crisp bite of apple, you'll be immediately enticed. As the spell continues, hints of black currant and wild blackberry dance in the shadows, only to be softened by the velvety allure of vanilla and mysterious anise. Finally, grounding notes of patchouli and amber bring you back, ensuring the enchantment lasts even after the flame goes out. Perfect for those nights when you're feeling a tad magical.

Magic in Every Detail:

  • Mystical & Fresh: Apple and saffron opening that's nothing short of enchanting.
  • Berry Bewitching: Black currant and blackberry notes to tantalize your senses.
  • Deep & Resonating: Anise, patchouli, and amber – the trinity of mystique.

Ideal For: Night owls, magic lovers, or anyone wanting a scent that’s out of the ordinary.

Burn When: You're reading tarot cards, setting intentions, or just vibing with your inner witch.