Meet The Owners

Meet The Owners

Hello everyone! My name is Roxana and my husbands name is George, we are the owners and creators of Matte Black Candle Co. We started creating wax goods in December of 2020 in the seaside city of Oxnard, CA.

Our goal in the coming blogs is to so share our candle knowledge by providing tips, information, testimonials, sneak peaks, & more!

Why we started

We started Matte Black Candle Co during the pandemic. As we spent more time at home, we wanted to use our creativity and knowledge towards our dream of owning a business. We drew inspiration from art, music, and our cultures.

George brings an artist's perspective and he designs our label artwork and packaging. I, Roxana, bring my knowledge of marketing and business to the team. Together we've been able to create a brand that we feel is unique and true to us. Our candle company has now become a creative outlet for us and a way to connect with others

How we started

When we first began on our entrepreneurial journey we ran into many hurdles as most business owners do. Our candles did not come out the way we had anticipated so once again it was back to the drawing board. After numerous attempts and lots of research, we found a formula that we were happy with!

The next phase was our business name, which was both difficult and fun. We went through different names but could not find one that we felt truly expressed the companies vision. George then mentioned the color matte black. The can of matte black is the classic weapon of choice when finishing up murals and pieces. That's when Matte Black Candle Co was born!

We will continue to produce unique hand crafted wax goods and building our candle community! Have any questions for us? Let us know below in the comments!


Much Love,

Roxana & George

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