Discover the Perfect Scent: A Dive into Our Candle Fragrance Collection

Discover the Perfect Scent: A Dive into Our Candle Fragrance Collection

Ever wondered what the perfect scent would be to match your Netflix binge, cozy reading nook, or a relaxing night in? Let’s unwrap the fragrances at Matte Black Candle Co and help you discover your next favorite!

Flower Power Vibes

If the thought of frolicking in a flower-filled meadow lights you up, check out our floral bunch.

Flor De Nopal (Cactus Flower)

flor de nopal candle on a pink background with shadows


Rosemary and Sage

Earthy and Chill

Dive into our chill zone with woodsy wonders. Feeling cedarwood cool vibes? Or maybe you're all about that nature’s nectar? Either way, we've got the earthy essence to ground your space.

Oakmoss and Amber

Stirring Seas

Black Magic

black magic coconut soy wax blend natural candle musky woodsy

Vinyl Collection



Squeeze the Day

Need a burst of freshness? Our lemony and Citrus scented candles are ready to add a tangy twist to your day! Who knew a candle could be so refreshing?

Lavender Lemonade


Spicy & Everything Nice-y

If you're into that warm and fuzzy feeling, dive into our spicy specials. Get your groove on with cinnamon swing or join the clove club. Either way, it's cozy town here.

Arroz Con Leche (Rice Pudding)

Killa Bee

Tropical Trip Time

Dreaming of beach days? Our island invites got you covered. Whether it’s a quick coconut cruise or a mango mingle, these candles will transport you to sandy shores.

Juicy Fruit


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